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IGF BRAZIL 2007 Networking

General Information

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Wireless Network

802.11b/g technologies are deployed to provide wireless access in the meeting rooms used by IGF Brazil 2007, including common areas around the meeting rooms. While coverage may reach other parts of the Windsor Barra, it is not guaranteed to be available everywhere.

The IGF Brazil 2007 wireless network is open (i.e. no WEP, no WPA, no 802.1x) and support "IGF" SSID. Make sure your wireless LAN card is connected (or associated) to SSID "IGF".

Ad Hoc Versus Infrastructure Mode

WARNING: Ad Hoc mode will affect your wireless performance as well as the performance of others.

Wireless LAN cards can operate in one of two possible modes: Ad Hoc and Infrastructure (or AP). Only the Infrastructure mode can be used to access the IGF BRAZIL 2007 wireless network. The Ad Hoc mode will simply create radio interference to other users and degrade the overall wireless performance (reduce coverage, speed and number of associations per Access Point). Please make sure your wireless LAN card is set to Infrastructure mode.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server

Server Name:
Default Port: 25

Hotel Guests Connectivity

Wired access is also provided in Windsor Barra guests rooms by IGF Brazil 2007.