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Rio de Janeiro

One of the major economic and cultural hubs of South America, the City of Rio de Janeiro sits at the heart of the Southeastern Region where 60% of the Brazilian GDP is concentrated. A cosmopolitan metropolis, known worldwide for its scenic beauty and its natural resources, the city provides a harmonious and agreeable environment for its inhabitants and visitors, for both leisure and work, which combined with its infrastructure, makes Rio an important center for commerce and services, with the advantage of a modern and diversified industrial sector. The City of Rio de Janeiro, which occupies an area of 1.261 Km2, and has a population of 5.850.544 (according to the IBGE 2000 census), recognizes that one of its main virtues is the kindness and hospitality with which its residents welcome all visitors.

Rio de Janeiro, a multi-faceted destination, is the focus of the travel industry in Latin America and is unique in terms of its natural beauty. The richness of its history and the contagious fun of its residents have contributed to its image as a very special destination, especially during its two major festivals: Reveillon and Carnaval.

Copacabana Beach

Rio is a city of contrasts. The colonial architecture provides a reminder of the past while striking modern buildings provide a glimpse into the future. Two landmarks, true postcard images, are known the world over: the Sugar Loaf and the Statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Its exuberant natural resources include 90 Km of beaches, the Tijuca National Park (which includes the largest urban forest in the world with 3,200 hectares of Atlantic Forest), the State Parks of Pedra Branca, Desengano and Chacrinha, covering an area of 48.500 hectares, and the Rodrigo de Freitas, Jacarepaguá, Camorim, Tijuca and Marapendi lakes and lagoons.

Visitors always discover what the residents know and are proud of: there's always something new happening in Rio exhibitions, dance / music shows and sporting events.

With its ample infrastructure of tourism services, Rio de Janeiro is ranked among the top destinations in the world to host cultural, commercial, technical/scientific events, fairs, symposia, congresses, conventions and exhibitions.

This is the Rio de Janeiro that awaits you at the 2nd IGF Meeting.

Source: Riotur and Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

The best of Rio de Janeiro is waiting for you

Rio de Janeiro is recognized for its cultural diversity. International attractions can be found in the different museums and theaters of the city.

Republic Museum
The Catete Palace - seat of Brazil’s Republican Government from 1897 to 1960 and stage the activities of eighteen Presidents - has seen some of the most important events in Brazil’s political life, including the Declaration of Brazil’s entry into World Wars I and II, and the suicide of President Getúlio Vargas in 1954. Transformed into a museum when Brasília became the nation’s capital in 1960, and closed for restoration from 1983 through 1989, the Republic Museum reopened with a broad-ranging cultural program that includes exhibitions, concerts, plays, movies, videos, boutiques, restaurants and a book-store. In 1993 it became the first computerized museum in Latin American with multimedia kiosks and a well equipped reference center offering 20,000 books. 7,000 items and 80,000 documents mirroring the history of Brazil.
Venue: Rua do Catete, 153 - Catete
Tel.: +55 21 3235-2650
Fax: +55 21 2285-0795
E-mail: museu@museudarepublica.org.br
Website: http://www.museudarepublica.org.br
Time: Tues-Thurs-Fri, noon-5pm Wed, 2pm-5pm- Sat-Sun-Holidays, 2pm-6pm

Banco do Brasil Museum
Visits by appointment - Programa Educativo - Tels.: 3808-2070, 3808-2254
The Museum is housed in three rooms to the 4th floor of the CCBB - Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, formerly the Chairman´s offices. Visits to "O Banco do Brasil e sua História" exhibition. The pieces include furniture, canvases, safes, vases, lamp-holders, inkwell, clock, assorted equipment, photographs and items from the Banco do Brasil numismatics collection.
Venue: Rua Primeiro de Março, 66/4º - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 3808-2020 / +55 21 3808-2052
E-mail: ccbbrio@bb.com.br
Website: http://www.bb.com.br/cultura

Contemporary Art Museum
Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, this Museum houses an impressive collection of contemporary Brazilian art. Covering 2,000 square meters, its surrounding verandah offers breath-taking views of Niterói, with the Sugar Loaf, Pedra da Gávea and Christ the Redeemer a top of Corcovado across the Guanabara Bay.
The museum acquires new lighting signed by Peter Gasper. The set of lights highlights the project and allows the work to be seen from Rio de Janeiro.
Guided visits, one month in advance
Venue: Mirante da Boa Viagem, s/n - Boa Viagem - Niterói
Tel.: +55 21 2620-2400
E-mail: adm@macniteroi.com.br
Website: http://www.macniteroi.com.br
Time: Tues-Sun, 10am-6pm Wed, Free entry

Museum of Modern Art
Conceived in 1948, the institution occupied the annex of the Boavista Bank in the Candelaria district and in 1952, was transferred to the area supported by stilts of the present Gustavo Capanema Palace, then Ministry of Education and Culture. On this second site, the first great Museum of Modern Art exhibition was held with prize winning works from
the 1st São Paulo Biennial in 1951 together with works by various Brazilian artists. In 1958, its final transference to the Flamengo Aterro marked the beginning of a course to encourage the production of modern artistry. This construction represents an architectural mark, which is the result of the design by architect Affonso Eduardo Reidy and the landscape project of Burle Marx. Since August, 1990, when it returned to its normal activities following a fire which occurred in 1978, the Museum has been presenting great national as well as international exhibitions. At present, the Museum has a collection of about 11.000 objects with sculptures and paintings by internationally renowned as well as Brazilian artists such as Bruno Giorgi, Maria Martins, Di Cavalcanti and also representatives of neo-concrete art such as Lygia Clark, Helio Oiticica, Franz Weissman, Amilcar de Castro and Wyllis de Castro.
Check by phone visiting hours and current exhibition. The ticket office closes 30 minutes before the end of the visiting hours.
Venue: Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85 - Parque Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2240-4944
Fax: +55 21 2240-4899
E-mail: comunicacao@mamrio.org.br
Website: http://www.mamrio.org.br
Time: Tues-Fri, noon-6pm - Sat-Sun-Holidays, Noon-7pm

Sound and Image Museum
Free entry.
Visits by appointment
First audio-visual museum in the country, the MIS houses a precious collection of music scores, videos, films, photos, engravings by Franz Post, caricatures by José Cândido, drawings by Francisco de Paula, serigraphs by Scliar, Cildo Meireles and Aluísio Carvão, besides musical instruments, radios and record players. Augusto Malta Collection - 20th century Rio with its Carnival, human types, great architectural and urban changes between 1903 and 1936. Almirante Collection - scores, photos and scripts of radio programs. Collection Elizete Cardoso - scores, photos, scripts of radio programs, trophies, plaques, medals and garments of the great interpreter of Brazilian popular music. Jacob do Bandolim Collection - scores, records, photos, audio tapes, books, catalogues, magazines, cutouts and textual documentation of the greatest interpreter of “chorinho”. Nara Leão Collection - photographs, trophies, medals, posters and personal documents of the singer. Irmãs Batista Collection - trophies, records, photographs and albums with cutouts related to the artistic life of the sisters Linda and Dircinha. Salvyano Cavalcanti Collection - books and magazines on the cinema besides photographs. Radio Nacional Collection - records, scripts of programs, orchestrations by Radamés Gnatali and Guerra Peixe. Nelson Motta Collection - photographs of Brazilian and international personalities of the cinema, theater, television and Brazilian popular music between the 60s and 80s.
Guided visits by appointment.
Venue: Praça Rui Barbosa, 1 - Praça Quinze de Novembro - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2262-7653 / +55 21 2262-0309
E-mail: mis@mis.rj.gov.br
Website: http://www.mis.rj.gov.br
Time: Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm


Antônio Fagundes
Venue: Av. Ayrton Senna, 2.541 A - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 3329-7542

Carlos Gomes
Thurs-Sat, at 7:30 p.m. Sun, at 7 p.m.
Venue: Rua Pedro I, 4A - Centro
Tel.:  +55 21 2224-3602 / +55 21 2232-8701

Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim
Venue: Av. Vieira Souto, 176 - Ipanema
Tel.: +55 21 2267-1647 / +55 21 2247-6946

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil I, II e III
Venue: Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 3808-2020

Clara Nunes
Venue: Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 52/3º - Gávea
Tel.: +55 21 2274-9696

Da Barra
Venue: Av. Sernambetiba, 3.800 - - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2439-3415

Das Artes
Venue: Shopping da Gávea - Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 52/2º - Gávea
Tel.: +55 21 2540-6004

Dos Quatro
Venue: Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 52/2º - Gávea
Tel.: +55 21 2274-9895

João Caetano
Venue: Praça Tiradentes, s/no - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2221-0305

Venue: Praça Floriano, s/nº - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2544-2900 / +55 21 2262-3935 / +55 21 2299-1711

Culture Centers

Corcovado Mountain Train Cultural Center
The collection displays aspects of the entire history of Corcovado with photos and newspaper reports on the inauguration of the railroad on October 9th, 1884. Also on display is a carriage made in Switzerland in 1883 and the engine of Brazil’s first electric train in 1910, which substituted the little steam engine. The great attraction is a four meter head, in terra-cotta on a concrete structure, sculptured in Paris by architect and sculptor Paul Landowsky and used as a model for the statue of Christ. The head is exhibited on a body of heavy iron and cast iron bars commissioned by artist Sergio Marimba.
Venue: Rua Cosme Velho, 513 - Cosme Velho
Tel.: +55 21 2558-1329
E-mail: tremdocorcovado@corcovado.com.br
Website: http://www.corcovado.com.br
Time: Daily, 8:30am-6:30pm (Every 30 minutes)

France Brazil House
Dating back to 1820, the severe neo-Classical facade of this building is softened by the charm of its roof-line, which highlights the elegant design by architect GrandJean de Montigny. Its large inner area is sub-divided as required by temporary art exhibitions and events, such as the international Cartoon Biennial. It also offers cinema and video facilities.
Visits with a museum specialist, applications one week in advanced.
Venue: Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 78 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2253-5366
E-mail: fcfb@sec.rj.gov.br
Website: http://www.casafrancabrasil..gov.br
Time: Tues-Sun, noon-8pm

Centro Cultural José Bonifácio
Venue: Rua Pedro Ernesto, 80 - Gamboa
Tel.: +55 21 2253-6255
Fax: +55 21 2233-7754
E-mail: ccjbonifacio@pcrj.rj.gov.br
Time: Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm Sat, 9am-5pm

Light Cultural Center
This American Renaissance style building in what was formerly the Rua Larga dates back to 1911, and was once the head-office and garage for the Light tramway service. Since 1994 it has housed this Cultural Center, which plays an active role in the city’s cultural life. Its public areas and galleries feature exhibitions, particularly: Espaço Rio Antigo, with a collection of historic photographs by Augusto Malta; Sala Memória which houses a collection of photographs, equipment and furniture once used by the Rio de Janeiro Tramway Light and Power Company; Espaço di Cavalcanti, displaying four canvasses by this famous artist which form a vigorous portrait of daily life in Rio. It also includes the Lamartine Babo theater and the Covered Plaza.
Free Entry.
Venue: Av. Marechal Floriano, 168 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2211-4515
Fax: +55 21 2211-7295
Website: http://www.lightrio.com.br
Time: Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm

National Archive
Technical Visits (appointment required by telephone or e-mail
Mon-Fri, during the morning
Created in 1838, the National Archive is currently inaugurating a new phase in terms of institutional modernization. Representing one of the most important monuments of the Brazilian 19th century neoclassic architecture, the new main offices are located in a four building complex disposed around a central patio, which, for 115 years, housed the Brazilian Mint (1868 – 1983).
Its vast collection includes documents, photographs, maps and plants, records, films and video-magnetic tapes originating from various institutions, ranging from 16th Century up until the days of today.
The library, estimated to include over 40 thousand volumes, presents approximately 5 thousand rare works of art. Among these treasures is the ‘Lei Áurea’ (the Golden Law that abolished slavery in Brazil).
Venue: Praça da República, 173 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2179-1273
E-mail: rp@arquivonacional.gov.br
Website: http://www.arquivonacional.gov.br
Time: daily, 9am-4pm

National Library
The building in neoclassic style, surrounded by Corinthian columns, was inaugurated in 1910. The collection dates from the 18th century and contains approximately 9 million rareties such as letters written by Princess Isabel when she was only 10, the first newspapers printed in the country, and many historical documents as the two copies of the Mainz Psal’ter, a book printed in 1462 by Gutenberg followers, a 1572, edition of the ‘Lusiada’ by Camões, the De Angelis Collection, and the Teresa Cristina Collection donated by Emperor D. Pedro II.
Free Entry
Guided Visits: 11am and 3 pm and at 1pm (Guided tours English speaking guides are available)
Guided Visits for schools and groups in advanced
Venue: Av. Rio Branco, 219 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2220-9484
Fax: +55 21 2220-4173
Website: http://www.bn.br
Time: Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm Sat, 9am-3pm

Oi Futuro
The building that has houses the center was built in 1918 and has just been reformed, resulting in a gain of over two thousand square meters in internal space. The building’s façade was preserved. There are four floors, interposed among the building’s eight levels, connected by glass stairs and elevators.
The center’s collection, one of the most important on the history of Brazilian telecommunications, contains documents, furniture, objects and photos. The center’s varied program includes activities related to music, theater, videos and art.
Visitors will find a library with an abundance of research material – magazines, newspapers and on-line computers; exhibition rooms, which house the exhibition Corpos Virtuais, with works by artists who use technology in their art; a multi-use theater (with 180 seats); a bistro and a wide range of equipment, such as a huge panel made up of four high definition plasma screens.
At the EXPOFOTO space, carioca photographer ZEKA ARAUJO gathers, at the permanent exhibition Plano Infinito (Infinite Plan), 54 images produced in the last 20 years using different techniques, framing and cuttting.
Venue: Rua Dois de Dezembro, 63 - Flamengo
Tel.: +55 21 3131-3060
Website: http://www.oifuturo.org.br/espacocultural
Time: Tues-Sun. 11am-8pm

Post Office Cultural Center
The Center was inaugurated in 1993. The eclectic style architecture of the building’s frontage is characteristic of the beginning of the last century (1922), with three floors linked by a panoramic elevator. An area measuring 3.480 sq. meters is divided into three exhibition rooms, an art gallery for small exhibitions and a theater to seat 200 people. Beside it is the Praca dos Correios (Post Office Plaza), a 1,3 thousand sq. meter out-door area, with a pond and an acoustic shell. Besides the theater and art exhibitions, other forms of artistic expression such as cinema, video, dance and music are also presented.
Venue: Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2253-1580 / +55 21 2253-1570
Fax: +55 21 2253-1545
E-mail: centroculturalrj@correios.com.br
Website: http://www.correios.com.br
Time: Tues-Sun, noon-7pm Free Entry

Royal Portuguese Reading Room
Built in Portuguese style, it was founded in 1837 and protected as part of the City’s heritage, on 5 October 1970. It has over 350,000 volumes in its collection, including many from XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries.
Free Entry.
Venue: Rua Luís de Camões, 30 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2221-3138 / +55 21 2221-2960
E-mail: gabinete@realgabinete.com.br
Website: http://www.realgabinete.com.br
Time: Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm


Botanic Gardens - Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro Research Institute
Guided tours by appointment. English and Spanish speaking guides are available - Tel.: 3874-1808
The Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro Research Institute (Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro) was created on 13 July 1808 by D. João, Prince Regent at the time. Considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world, it is known as living Museum containing over 8 thousand species of plants. Among them the outstanding imperial palms; the Brazilian pau-brasil, aracá amarelo, pau mulato; the medicianl plots and the Japanese gardens .A stroll through the park will also reveal a rich historic and cultural heritage in buildings such as the old Fábrica de Pólvora (gunpowder factory), Casa de Pilões, Casa dos Cedros, the old portal of the Academia de Belas Artes (Fine Arts Academy) and the Solar da Imperatriz (Empress’ mansion) that houses the Escola Nacional de Botânica Tropical (National School of Tropical Botanic), the first of its kind in Latin America.
Venue: Rua Jardim Botânico, 1.008 - Jardim Botânico
Website: http://www.jbrj.gov.br
Time: Daily, 8am-5pm

Roberto Burle Marx Estate
The home of world-famous landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx from 1949 through 1994, this estate covers 350,000 square meters, with thousands of plant species ranging from the rare lacquer palm of malaysia to brazil’s famous ironwood, where countless shades of green are dotted with vivid flowers. This estate also has a benedictine chapel dating back to 1610, the original farm-house, the old studio and the new workshop, with displays of paintings, furniture, crystal and sculptures owned by this world-famous landscape designer.
Guided visits by appointment - Tel.: 2410-1412 Ext: 226
Venue: Estrada Roberto Burle Max (antiga Estrada da Barra de Guaratiba), 2.019 - Barra de Guaratiba
Tel.: +55 21 2410-1412
E-mail: sitioburlemarx@sitioburlemarx.com.br
Time: Guided Visists: 9:30 am and 1:30 pm

Tijuca National Park
The Tijuca National Park is considered one of the biggest urban parks in the world, it occupies an area of 3.300 ha. The park offers various leisure attractions as well as for the cultural and ecological tourism. Among the most visited points, worth mentioning, are the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest replanted by man, Paineiras, Corcovado, Dona Marta Belvedere, Vista Chinesa. The park consist of three distinct scenic sets: Andaraí/Tijuca/Três Rios known as Floresta da Tijuca, Corcovado/Sumaré/Gávea Pequena and Pedra Bonita/Pedra da Gávea. Additionally the park provides eccotourism with its 16 trails duly marked practices.
Administration: Estrada da Cascatinha, 850 - Floresta da Tijuca - Alto da Boa Vista
Venue: Estrada da Cascatinha, 850 – Floresta da Tijuca – Altod a Boa Vista
Tel.: +55 21 2492-2252
Time: Daily, 8am-5pm


Barbecue & Meat Places

Barra Grill
Venue: Av. Ministro Ivan Lins, 314 - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2493-6060 / +55 21 2493-4003
Time: Daily, from11:30 on
Credit Cards: All

Venue: Av. das Américas, 5.000/105, 106 - New York City Center - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2432-4996

Venue: Av. Infante Dom Henrique s/n° - Aterro - Flamengo
Tel.: +55 21 3389-8989
Credit Cards: All


À Mineira
Venue: Av. das Américas, 16.631 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes
Tel.: 2490-2195 -
Credit Cards: All

Aprazível Sabor
Venue: Rua Aprazível, 62 - Santa Teresa
Tel.: +55 21 2508-9174 / +55 21 2507-7334
Website: http://www.aprazivel.com.br
Credit Cards: All

Siri Mole & Cia
Venue: Rua Francisco Otaviano, 50 - Copacabana
Tel.: +55 21 2267-0894
Website: http://www.sirimole.com.br
Time: Tues-Sun, noon to midnight Mon, 6pm on
Credit Cards: All


Bar Luiz
Venue: Rua da Carioca, 39 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2262-6900 / +55 21 2262-5268
Website: http://www.barluiz.com.br
Time: Mon-Sat, 11am-11:30pm
Credit Cards: All

Herr Pfeffer
Venue: Rua Conde Bernadote, 26 D - Leblon
Tel.: +55 21 2239-9673
Website: http://www.herrpfeffer.com.br


Le Pré Catelan
Venue: Av. Atlântica, 4.240, nível E - Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Hotel - Copacabana
Tel.: +55 21 2525-1232 / +55 21 2525-1160
Website: http://www.sofitel.com.br
Time: Daily, 7:30 pm-11:30 pm
Credit Cards: All


Venue: Av. General San Martin, 1.219 - Leblon
Tel.: +55 21 2239-4745
Time: Tues-Sat, from 7p.m Sun, from 1p.m
Credit Cards: All


Alfredo Di Roma
Venue: Av. Prefeito Mendes de Moraes, 222 - Hotel Inter-Continental Rio - São Conrado
Tel.: +55 21 3323-2200
Time: Mon-Thurs and Sun, 7pm-11:30pm Fri-Sat, 7pm-midnight
Credit Cards: All

Fasano Al Mare
Venue: Av. Vieira Souto, 80 - Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro - Ipanema
Tel.: 3202-4000 / +55 21 3202-4253
Fax: +55 21 3202-4010
Website: http://www.fasano.com.br
Time: Mon-Fri, 12:30-3:30pm 7pm Sat, Sun and holidays, noon-1am
Credit Cards: All

Venue: Av. das Américas, 7.777/303 - Rio Design Barra - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2438-7500 / +55 21 2438-7501 / +55 21 2438-7502 / +55 21 2438-7503

Venue: Rua General Severiano, 97/lj. 220 - Rio Plaza Shopping - Botafogo
Tel.: +55 21 2295-9096
Credit Cards: MASTERCARD

Venue: Av. Sernambetiba, 2.916 - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2494-6644
Website: http://www.fratellirestaurante.com.br
Time: Mon-Fri, 6pm-2am Sat-Sun, noon-1am
Credit Cards: All

Venue: Rua Anibal de Mendonça, 157 - Ipanema
Tel.: +55 21 2239-8158
Website: http://www.fasano.com.br
Time: Mon-Thurs, noon-4pm 7pm-1am Fri, noon-4:30 7pm-2am Sat, noon-2am Sun, noon-midnight
Credit Cards: All

Osteria Dell’Angolo
Venue: Rua Prudente de Moraes, 1783 - Ipanema
Tel.: +55 21 2259-3148
Website: http://www.osteriadellangolo.com.br


Koni Store
Venue: Av. Armando Lombardi, 633 lj.I - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: 2521-9348
No C.C.:

Venue: Av.Ataulfo de Paiva, 1.174 lj E - Leblon
Tel.: +55 21 3502-3664

Venue: Av. das Américas, 7.777/3º - Rio Design Barra - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 3328-8840 / +55 21 3328-8844

Sea Food

Venue: Av. Infante Dom Henrique. s/nº lj. 28 - Aterro do Flamengo - Marina da Glória - Glória
Tel.: +55 21 2265-4641
Website: http://www.restaurantebarracuda.com.br
Time: Mon-Sat, noon-midnight Sun and holidays, noon-6pm
Credit Cards: All

Siri da Barra
Venue: Praça Euvaldo Lodi, 65 - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2494-0816
Time: Daily, 11am-1am
Credit Cards: All


Adegão Português
Venue: Rio Design Barra - Avenida das Américas, 7.777 / 3° piso - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2431-2958
Credit Cards: All

Venue: Rua Aristides Espínola, 19 - Leblon
Tel.: +55 21 2294-1049
Website: http://www.antiquarius.com.br
Time: Mon-Sat, noon-2pm Sun, noon-6pm

Antiquarius Grill
Venue:- BarraShopping - Av das Américas, 4.666 lj.160
Tel.: +55 21 2431-9071
E-mail: antiquariusgrill@.com.br
Website: http://www.antiquarius.com.br
Time: Mon-Sat, noon on Sun, noon-6pm

Bar/Night Club

Academia da Cachaça
Venue: Av. Armando Lombardi, 800 lj. 65 L - Condado de Cascais - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2493-7956 / +55 21 2492-1159

Venue: Rua Barão da Torre, 354 - Ipanema
Tel.: +55 212247-9100
Website: http://www.baronetti.com.br
Time: Tues-Sat, from 10pm Sun, from 9pm
Credit Cards: All

Venue: Rua José Linhares, 85 B - Leblon
Tel.: +55 21 2294-3549
Website: http://www.bracarense.com.br
Time: Mon-Fri, 7am-midnight Sat, from 9pm on Sun, 10am-10pm
Credit Cards: Not accepted

Venue: Rua Rita Ludolf, 47 - Leblon
Tel.: +55 21 2249-9309
Credit Cards: All

Nuth Louge
Venue: Av. Armando Lombardi 996
Tel.: +55 21 3153-8595

Live Music

Bar do Tom
Venue: Rua Adalberto Ferreira, 32 - Leblon
Tel.: +55 21 2274-4022

Café Etílico
Live Music - rock, blues and pop dance of 70 and 80´s.
Venue: Av. das Américas, 7.380 - Barra da Tijuca
Tel.: +55 21 2490-1684 / +55 21 3326-2034
Time: Wed-Sun, from 8 pm on

Cais do Oriente
Restaurant with Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, from noon. Piano-bar - Fri-Sat from 10pm.
Venue: Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 8 - Centro
Tel.: +55 21 2233-2531 / +55 21 2203-0178
Website: http://www.caisdooriente.com.br

Hard Rock Café
Thurs,Fri and Sat, from 10pm
Venue: Cittá América - Av. das Américas, 700/3º
Website: http://www.hardrockcafebrasil.com.br